Fullers replaces house champagne with English fizz

Chris Losh

Chris Losh

30 May 2017

Pub group Fullers has replaced its house champagne with English sparkling wine. The strategy, which came into place this spring applies across its 200 managed pubs in the south-east. English fizz occupies the 'house' slots around £35-40 on the list, with champagne only kicking in over £50.

'We have exited the house champagne category,' said the group’s head of wine, Neil Bruce. 'English fizz occupies the same territory on wine lists, either side of £40, as French 'House' champagne. In sheer quality terms English fizz is at least as good and in most cases better. We believe UK consumers get that now.'

The group currently has five English sparklers in its portfolio, but is looking to add to that in the next year.

'We have made this move because we think the timing is right, in terms of consumer acceptance of English fizz,' said Bruce.

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