Funkin launches first bottled shrub syrup

04 January 2017

Love using shrubs but wish they didn't take so long to make? Well, Funkin is eliminating some of the shrub schlep, launching what it is calling the first commercially available shrub.

Growing its range of easy-to-use syrups and purées, Funkin Pro Beetroot Shrub Syrup is made with natural ingredients including beetroot juice concentrate, rosemary extract and spirit vinegar. According to Funkin, the shrub syrup tastes just like its traditional counterpart, with a great balance between sweet and tart. And it comes with a two-year shelf life.

Made in partnership with Jägermeister and Be At One bar group, the shrub's suggested serve is the Jäger Mega Drive, a combination of Jägermeister, Chambord, Funkin Pro Beetroot Shrub Syrup, blueberry jam, lemon juice and maple syrup.

'Funkin Pro Beetroot Shrub Syrup is the first commercially available shrub on the market and provides outlets with a way to create and serve complex, full-flavoured cocktails that are perfectly balanced,' said Funkin managing director Andrew King.

'As leaders in cocktail innovation, the latest product to join our range of Funkin Pro Cocktail Syrups taps into current consumption trends. Shrubs, which date back to the 15th century, have been making a comeback on cocktail menus,' he continued. 'The shrub is a perfect offering for ever changing consumer and on-trade demands.'

Funkin Pro Beetroot Shrub Syrup is available in packs of six 36cl bottles.

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