Funkin launches its first range of dried cocktail garnishes

Imbibe Editorial

Imbibe Editorial

31 October 2018

Cocktail mixer and purée specialist Funkin is introducing a range of dried fruit garnishes with an eye to reducing bar waste and improving cocktail consistency.

The FunkinPro range of dried garnishes includes orange, lemon, strawberry and citrus slices that have been dehydrated in a geothermal and carbon-neutral facility. Sold by weight, starting at 250g, each pack has an unopened shelf life of 12 months.

'A key issue for many on-trade outlets with preparing fruit garnishes is the amount of food waste it generates,' said Ben Anderson, Funkin's head of marketing. 'Food waste is financially and environmentally damaging so by introducing our dried fruit garnishes, outlets will be able to be save costs and reduce their impact on the environment.'

Funkin has an ongoing partnership with FareShare, a charity that prevents surplus food from going to waste by redistribution to the voluntary sector.

A study by CGA found that up to 62% of consumers feel having the correct garnish adorning their cocktail is 'very important'.

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