Funkin launches new Coconut Purée

22 February 2017

Rejoice, tiki bars and Piña Colada fans. Following on from its Innovation Championship, Funkin has added a new purée to its range: Coconut.

Made using 100% real coconuts from Indonesia, the purée has no artificial flavourings, colourings, sweeteners or preservatives, and is creamy and rich without being sickly sweet.

A great alternative to coconut milk and cream, the easy-to-pour pouch saves you time faffing around with tins or bottles.

'Funkin is proud to be the UK’s number one fruit purée brand and we are excited to be launching a coconut purée at a time when the trade is in need of a consistent, quality solution when making cocktails where coconut is the hero of the drink,' said Funkin managing director Andrew King. 'Funkin Pro Coconut Purée allows bartenders to be creative and experiment with this versatile ingredient to develop signature cocktails or inventive twists on a classic whilst ensuring quality and flavour.'

Available in 1kg pouches, the purée has a shelf life of 12 months and can also be frozen for later use.


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