Funkin Innovation Lab 2018 launches with London's Crucible as partner

Jane Ryan

24 April 2018

Funkin has announced its Innovation Lab for 2018 with plans to take its bartender workshops to Bristol and Manchester this May in partnership with London’s Crucible.

The workshops, which aim to give bartenders hands-on training led by the best in the business, are also designed to inspire bartenders wishing to enter the Funkin Innovation Champion later this summer.

Utilising the in-depth knowledge from the team at Crucible – London’s first creative hub for the drinks and flavour industry – the sessions will focus on the importance of acids and sugars in drinks. Led by Crucible’s Ally Kelsey and Michelin star chef Nurdin Topham, the topic will be illustrated by Funkin-inspired cocktails designed by the duo to demonstrate technique, composition and flavour.

After landing two leading industry figures – Kelsey’s background includes a degree in biology and chemistry from the University of Glasgow and extensive work with Mr Lyan while Nurdin has worked with Raymond Blanc at Le Manoir Aux Quat’Saisons, done research and development for Nordic Food Lab (NOMA) in Copenhagen and earned a Michelin star in 2014 at restaurant NUR in Hong Kong – Funkin are optimistic the workshops will serve to whet bartender’s appetites ahead of their 2018 Funkin Innovation Champion competition.

Funkin Innovation Lab 2018

Bristol: Milk Thistle on Tuesday 15th May

Manchester: Science + Industry at Cane and Grain on Tuesday 22nd May

To attend, bartenders should email or contact their Funkin representative.

Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis as spaces are limited.

‘After leading last year’s Funkin Innovation Lab on non-alcoholic cocktails, I’m thoroughly looking forward to rolling up my sleeves with bartenders in Bristol and Manchester, exploring acids and sugars and delving deep into the composition and balance of cocktails. Bartenders should expect to be inspired and gain a huge amount of new and valuable knowledge that they can use to expand their repertoire and add excitement to their menus,’ said Ally Kelsey.

Crucible is not only partnering for the labs however – the space will also play host the Funkin Innovation Champion 2018 final in September. Attendees will have their chances in the competition furthered receiving a copy of The Cocktail Competition Handbook, by BarLifeUK’s Andy Ives at the workshops.

‘This year, we are delighted to collaborate for Innovation Champion and Innovation Lab with Crucible, whose ethos very much reflects our own. Crucible offers bartenders a collaborative and safe space to bring ideas to life and learn new techniques whilst we seek to provide bartenders with the tools they need to succeed,’ said Funkin managing director, Andrew King.

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