Glass with class: The glassware product news special

Imbibe Editorial

Imbibe Editorial

17 October 2018

Looking to step up your bar’s aesthetic? Check out these spiffy new glassware ranges and keep your serves looking sharp

Schinkel’s Dutch courage
Apart from drinking advocaat out of a clog, it’s hard to think of anything more Dutch than the tulip, which was the inspiration for Amsterdam bartender Robert Schinkel’s sharing bowl design for Libbey. Launched at Tales of the Cocktail, where Schinkel won the inaugural Glassology competition two years ago, the tulip-shaped punch bowl is designed to have maximum impact when you first walk into a bar, and is available as a set with (yes) tulip-shaped tumblers.


Artis’ tiki chic
Since tiki isn’t something you can do half-heartedly, Artis has released a trio of glasses to ensure your glassware is as tiki-tastic as your drinks. The Tiki Mai Tai and Tiki Coupe glasses feature gold moulded stems, while the glass tumbler is moulded with the tiki mask motif, in a way that’s slightly more subtle than the standard ceramic mugs.


Camden introduces Kenneth
Veteran designer Sir Kenneth Grange has worked his magic on everything from London black cabs and bullet trains to Wilkinson razors, and now he has turned his hand to the humble pint glass for Camden Town Brewery. The ergonomically designed ‘Kenneth’ combines the facets of the Helles Stein for easy grip with the tall, slender shape of a Pilsner glass. The north London brewery has also introduced a glass, designed by Jack Smith of SmithMatthias, that’s a shorter, straight-up-and-down minimalist affair.

Strong range from Nude
Nude has introduced ion-shielding technology to its super elegant and delicate Stem Zero glassware range, making it twice as strong as similar handmade glasses


Bartisan glass designs at Nightjar

There’s been a rise in bartender-designed glassware, from Libbey’s Glassology to Belvedere’s Grain to Glass comps. Now Nightjar in Shoreditch has taken it upon itself to create all the glassware for its Arts and Crafts-inspired menu.

‘People are respecting bartenders as artisans in their own right, and Tony [Pescatori, Nightjar bar manager] has been thinking of ways of expressing that beyond garnishing the hell out of a drink,’ co-owner Edmund Weil (pictured) told Imbibe. ‘These glasses have been upcycled, made or commissioned by our team.’

Commissioned items include bespoke perfume bottles and ceramic flasks, while upcycling has resulted in one glass having a snake bracelet wrapped around its stem.

‘There’s always some connection to the name or the style of the drink, but a lot of them are made in-house. It’s a nice story for the guests,’ said Weil.

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