Glenturret Distillery announces latest 'Bottle Your Own'

15 June 2017

Glenturret Distillery, home to that ever-so-famous Famous Grouse, has announced that the latest limited edition Bottle Your Own cask will be named after none other than... Towser.

The prize puss Towser herself
The prize puss Towser herself

For those who don't know, Towser is the furriest face in the history of the 240-year-old distillery, a world record holding cat for catching the most mice. Towser took up her post as mouser in 1963, catching 28,899 mice during her 24 years of service at the Glenturret distillery before passing away in 1987.

Paying more homage to the ferocious feline (she already has a bronze statue at her home at The Famous Grouse Experience), the Towser Bottle Your Own is burnished gold in colour, described by the guys at Glenturret Distillery as very fruity, with notes of citrus peel, fresh fruits and a hint of pistachio. The nose is described as having notes of orange, aniseed, peaches and vanilla.

The 13-year-old single cask is a first fill American oak sherry puncheon filled on 6 November 2003 with an abv of 60.2%.

'With it being 30 years since the passing of Glenturret Distillery's most famous feline, we thought it was about time she was celebrated with her very own cask of the whisky she protected for so many years,' said Stuart Cassells, general manager at The Famous Grouse Experience.

'Continuing the charity donation from Bottle Your Own, a £5 donation from each bottle sold will go to this cask's chosen charity, the Snow Leopard Trust, which aims to aims to protect endangered cats through community-based conservation projects.'

Not already sold? The cask was specially selected by master whisky maker, Gordon Motion, who describes it as 'a really nice dram with a very citrus note'. There you go.

60.2%, RRP £85, The Famous Grouse,

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