Gosnells gets trendy with new canned mead range

Kate Malczewski

Kate Malczewski

29 July 2019

Getting in on the packaging trend that's been sweeping the wine and cocktail categories as of late (gin in a tin, anyone?), Peckham-based mead producer Gosnells has launched a range of canned meads.

The collection contains four different styles of the honey-fermented beverage: Hibiscus, Hopped, Citra Sea and Sour, all sitting at 4% abv. The new range is even less alcoholic than the brand's 5.5% abv flagship product, in keeping with the thirst for lower-abv drinks.  

But putting mead in cans and dialing back the alcohol content aren't the only trends that Gosnells is making the most of. One flavour in the range, Hibiscus, uses the eponymous flower to lend a rosy colour to the liquid, meeting the demand for all things pink. 

Other flavours express the fusion of categories that's currently taking the beer and wine worlds by storm. Hopped is 'inspired by juicy IPAs', and its namesake ingredient gives it a lightly floral quality. Citra Sea also contains hops, but adds lemon and tarragon to the mix and boasts a salty finish.  

In a visit to the producer's bar, Gosnells Upstairs at Coal Rooms, Imbibe cracked open a can of the new Sour mead. It's a lovely, frothy liquid, with the expected streak of honey sweetness but also a satisfying pucker, rounding out to a dry finish. Definitely one worth clearing some space in your bar's fridge for. 

Gosnells of London, gosnellsmead.co.uk

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