The bear is back – Hofmeister lager returns to market

11 October 2016

It's been 13 years since Hofmeister was last available, and now has been brought back from hibernation by a team of beer-loving British entrepreneurs.

Hofmeister, now a helles lager coming in at 5% abv, is made in Bavaria with locally-sourced ingredients. The team is committed to traditional Bavarian brewing methods – complying with the 500-year-old Reinheitsgebot German beer purity law, which limits the helles lager recipe to three ingredients: water, barley and hops.

Slow brewed, Hofmeister is light golden blonde in colour, and said to be rich in flavour and with lower carbonation to make for a refreshing, balanced, easy-drinking beer.

Working with a fourth generation family-owned brewery in the Ebersberger Forest, Hofmeister's new recipe only uses water from the brewery's own well, locally-grown barley malted from the brewery's malthouse, and hops from the Hallertau region.

'Now more than ever, we are experimenting and enjoying craft beer – with the craft beer scene in the UK continuing its explosive growth,' said Spencer Chambers, Hofmeister CEO. 'Hofmeister is iconic so it feels right to bring back the brand, but with an authentic helles lager which appeals to our more sophisticated palates.'

'As one of the most loved TV ads of the 80s, people remember George the Bear with great affection,' added Andrew Marsden, chairman of Hofmeister. 'However times have moved on and so we are bringing back a more grown up brand which resonates with modern craft beer drinkers whilst still  retaining the spirit of George.'

Hofmeister helles lager will be available to the on-trade from November.

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