Hospitality companies laying off 80% of workforce on average

Robyn Black

Robyn Black

18 March 2020

A new survey suggests that 1m jobs have already been lost this week, most of which are in hospitality, said bar operator and founder of Street Feast, Jonathan Downey

Downey has become a spokesperson for business operators in hospitality in recent weeks. Lobbying government, speaking in the media and co-ordinating action and response from the industry.

‘Over a million jobs lost already this week. How many more to come?’ he Tweeted this afternoon.

‘On average, companies working in hospitality are laying off 80% of their people. This is devastating for lives and livelihoods. We’re waiting to see what the Chancellor can do to help save jobs.’

The survey of some of the biggest bar, pub, club and restaurant groups suggests that the average number of layoffs for those companies works out at 80% of the workforce.

Downey shared the below table showing the sample numbers and asked people to share across social media to raise awareness and force the government to act.

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