How to surround yourself with your drinks industry friends remotely

Millie Milliken

Millie Milliken

20 March 2020

Stuck at home when you’d normally be surrounded with your fellow bartenders, somms and other drinks industry colleagues? Fear not, we’ve rounded up the best ways to stay connected with the industry online

Train with Maxim Schulte and Jo Last with The Booze Brain

The head honchos at The Savoy’s American Bar and Beaufort Bar has launched an online training series for bartenders who have a little ‘time on their hands’. He’s even drafted in any brand ambassadors who are game to do their own sessions.

Schulte and Last have scheduled the first week of training next week (from 23 March) so keep an eye on his progress @maximschulte. Full details here.

Other training sessions include Crisp Malt's new webinars: sign up here.

Drink wine at home with fellow experts and producers

Chefs Agency and Martins Wine Advisor have joined forces to create Wine Hour at Home, a series of live Instagram wine tastings featuring some of the wine world’s most knowledgable pros.

This virtual wine gathering will take place up to three times a week – always at 6pm - and will feature guest producers (Loic Pasquet, from Bordeaux and Dominik Huber, from Priorat are already confirmed) who will open a special bottle of their wine. Wine advisor Claúdio Martins and sommelier Rodolfo Tristão will give their input, while participants will be invited to ask the producer any questions, share what they’re drinking and enjoy the banter.

Tune in @winehourathome

Support your pals

We appreciate that for a lot of people, the current climate means income is low. But if you’re in a position to part with some cash, spend it by keeping the restaurants and bars you love best afloat by taking advantage of the plethora of intitiatives being rolled out.

From home deliveries by The Sun Tavern, Hacha, Top Cuvee and more, to drive-throughs and gift cards (as well as good old cash donationations) there’s plenty out there –plus, there’s no harm in keeping that drinks trolley full, is there?

Have a virtual quiz night

The guys at Big Drop Brewing will be hosting a virtual pub quiz next Tuesday 24 March to beat the self-isolation/out-of-work blues.

Dubbed The Living Room Pub Quiz, the event will be streamed on Youtube Live from 7.30pm-10pm when Big Drop’s quizmasters will be asking the questions live, participants will be taking part from home, and marking will have to be done (no cheating!) by those taking part.

Keep up to date with the event details on the Big Drop Brewing Co website or on the event's Facebook page.

Want to take part in a quiz right here, right now? The guys at Discard magazine have an Insta-story quiz you can take part in here. Get ready for some 'lols'.

Keep making cocktails, with Mr Lyan

This guy has been self-isolating for the best-part of two weeks, so he’s turned to Insta stories to help keep the cocktail-creativity flowing.

First stop was a Martini masterclass where we also got a glimpse of his enviable drinks cabinet. What’s next?

Keep an eye out on @mrlyan or @lyanessbar for more.

Netflix and chill

If you've already exhausted Netflix's latest offerings (Love is Blind, anyone? No? Just us then) you'll be pleased to hear that there's a new film about to be released about a young man and his battle to become a master sommelier.

Uncorked will be released on Netflix on 27 March and will feature the likes of Maison Albert Bichot, through its Domaine Long-Depaquit (Chablis).

Other hospitality-related goodies include Chef's Table, The Final Table and Ugly Delicious.

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