Imbibe Live Online: Day 2



30 June 2020

After the success of the first day yesterday, Imbibe Live Online is back for another series of virtual sessions to keep you informed

Imbibe Live Online's first day has been a triumph, with people from all corners of the country and beyond tuning in for a diverse range of talks spanning from practical and commercial considerations for reopening to emerging consumer trends that will impact drinks menus after lockdown, and from a showcase of British drinks to a deep dive into Irish whiskey.

A lot more is in store for today, across our live streaming platform as well as on our social channels (Facebook and Instagram). Check out the programme and register for your session of choice!

10am-10.30am Craft – An Argument: why 'craft beer' is completely undefinable, hopelessly misunderstood, and absolutely essential Featuring Pete Brown
The craft beer boom is the biggest thing to hit brewing and drinking for more than a generation. What started off as a small band of idealistic hobby brewers is now a multi-billion-dollar global industry, but even its most passionate fans can’t actually agree what ‘craft beer’ is. Join this pub-stool session from award-winning beer writer Pete Brown, where he will dig into this decades-long argument and deliberate whether it’s possible to pin down ‘craft’ to a measurable definition.

11am-12pm Developing new revenue models for the new normal Featuring Iain McPherson (Panda & Sons), Sunny Hodge (Diogenes the Dog), Carl Anthony Brown (Tincture), Mark Stretton (Fleet Street Communications, moderator)
Lockdown has forced hospitality businesses to rapidly rethink traditional business models, develop new tactics, and create new revenue streams. Our panel of experts will examine creative ideas hospitality businesses can use to adapt and generate new revenue.

12pm-12.30pm Educating to eradicate racism in the hospitality industry Featuring Deano Moncrieffe (Hacha Bar owner & agave spirits specialist/expert) and Millie Milliken (Imbibe deputy editor, moderator)
Racism is unfortunately still prevalent throughout society, but we as the hospitality industry need to ensure we’re doing our bit to ensure that it’s eliminated from our community. Join this live interview with Deano Moncrieffe, Hacha Bar owner & agave spirits specialist/expert as he discusses his experiences with racism in the industry, the less publicised impacts of ‘casual’ racism, and the platform he is creating to help educate the industry and combat racism from within. Learn what you, your colleagues, your organisation, and the industry can do in both the short and long-term to improve the situation and make sure we end up living in a better world.

12.30pm-1.30pm Supporting staff in the return to work when hospitality re-opens Featuring James Dawson (Humble Grape), Lyndsay Jones (The Alchemist), Kat Hounsell (Everyday People), Rishi Malliwal (SGM Law)
Hospitality staff are the lifeblood of the industry. This session will examine the potential obstacles facing employers over the coming months and provide practical tips on how to address and prepare for them.

2pm-3pm The role of technology in helping venues maintain social distancing and successfully return to trading Featuring Siobhan Fagan (Pizza Express), Emma Lawrence (Backyard Cinema), Glenn Murphy (Cask Pub & Kitchen), Stephen Minall (Moving Food)

Our panel will examine how technology and digital innovations will make social distancing and contact-free experiences in hospitality possible in the months after reopening, and beyond.

3pm-3.30pm Accessing Help: Work-Life with The Drinks Trust, sponsored by The Drinks Trust Featuring Ross Carter (The Drinks Trust CEO), Robyn Black (Imbibe editor, moderator)
Hospitality in the UK is the 3rd largest employer, generating good quality career opportunities for all ages, levels and in all regions. Two thirds of the workforce is already semiskilled and The Drinks Trust wants to improve that to build on their concept of a 'skilled, happy workforce, enjoying the rewards they deserve in a meritocratic industry'. This session will showcase how individuals working in the drinks industry can better support themselves and how their companies can invest in their employees to strategically improve their business as a whole

3.30pm-4.30pm The impacts of lockdown on the wine market and future outlook, sponsored by Bibendum Featuring Michael Saunders (Bibendum), Heath Ball (The Pickled Pub Company & The Frisco Group), Victoria Sharples (St. John Wines), Chris Losh (Sommelier Wine Awards chairman, moderator)
This session will look at how lockdown has impacted the wine market, its producers, regions, supply and distribution, vintages and more.

4.30pm-5pm The trials and tribulations of designing your own gin Featuring Alex Claridge (head chef and owner of The Wilderness), Millie Milliken (Imbibe deputy editor, moderator)
Join Alex Claridge, head chef and owner of renowned Birmingham restaurant, The Wilderness, to hear about his journey to designing and launching his own gin. This candid live interview will discuss the ups and downs, the challenges, controversies and lessons learned, and maybe a few amusing anecdotes.

5.30pm-6pm Cider: A Journey to the 4 corners of the Mouth Featuring The Ciderologist, Gabe Cook, as he explores the myriad aromas, flavours and sensations that can be provided by the humble, fermented apple.

6.30pm-7pm Enhancing diversity and inclusion behind the bar Featuring Hannah Lanfear (The Mixing Class), Lo Marshall (UCL Urban Laboratory), Millie Milliken (Imbibe deputy editor, moderator)
Join this live Instagram interview with Hannah Lanfear and Lo Marshall, as we discuss important issues such as how to hire to create a culture of diversity and inclusion, how to create a welcoming environment for LGBTQIA persons, how the hospitality industry needs to evolve to be more inclusive, and how to use education as a tool for change. This is the final day of Pride Month, and the final session of Imbibe Live Online – and one not to be missed!

Thanks to SENTIR Mezcal Artesenal for being our Imbibe Live Online headline sponsor.

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