Independent Venue Week backed by brewer Signature Brew

12 January 2017

With its ties to the music industry, Signature Brew is teaming up with Independent Venue Week for a second year.

The east-London brewery, based in Leyton, was created specifically to provide better beer to punters at gigs. Its beers include Roadie All-Night IPA, for example. So it makes sense for it to back an initiative like this.

Independent Venue Week (23 - 29 January) acknowledges the threat faced by the UK's live music venues. As part of its partnership, Signature Brew will provide venues with free beer – either a 30l key or a case of 24 cans.

The brewery has collaborated with local reggae band The Skints to create a beer for the event entitled Nice Time, a tropical pale ale with some fruit added – pink guava, passion fruit and blood orange.

'Here at Signature Brew we have always had a grassroots independent spirit at our heart,' said Signature Brew founder Sam McGregor. 'This spirit is shared by our friends at IVW, and epitomised by their week long celebration. Now, more than ever, gig-goers and drinkers alike are seeking out brands with a conscience, a soul and a devotion to offering only the highest quality gig or beer.

'The best independent venues recognise the importance of completing the experience for music fans, going above and beyond to ensure that a night's enjoyment isn't restricted to when the band is on stage. Every good evening starts and ends with a quality beer in hand, allowing music fans to soak up the atmosphere and savour the collective community that is independent music and beer.'

Participating venues should contact Signature Brew about their allocation of beer.

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