Indie Brands brings over single-estate mezcals

Gaëlle Laforest

08 August 2016

There's a new mezcal over here, and another one on the horizon, courtesy of Indie Brands.

El Jolgorio covers two ranges of mezcals hailing from Oaxaca. The first bears the Jolgorio name (which stands for Oaxacan rituals) and consists of single-variety spirits all made from different species of wild and semi-wild agaves grown in the Central Valleys. The Espadín variety is on its way to the UK and should be hitting shores within the next month, so keep an eye out.

The other is called Nuestra Soledad, after the patron saint of Oaxaca, Our Lady the Virgin of Solitude. The range is made up of only Espadín mezcals, but each from a different village. Sadly, only one’s landed here for now, a joven from La Compañía in the Ejutla district. Fortunately, it's really quite lovely: a little earthy with notes of pepper and green capsicum, against a backbone of sweet-cooked agave aromas. The palate has a similar hit of pepper, with more of that sweetness and warming, ashy smokiness – but all relatively soft. There's plenty of chocolate bitterness on the finish, with a touch of minerality.

41% abv, £35/70cl, Indie Brands, 01474 327056

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