Innis & Gunn launch £1m crowdfunding bid

Claire Dodd

Claire Dodd

01 November 2016

Independent Scottish brewer, Innis & Gunn is hoping to raise £1m through crowdfunding site Crowdcube, in a bid to double its turnover to £25m over the next three years.

The campaign, called 'AdventureCapital' will see the brewery sell 2% of its share capital, with investments starting from £10. The brewer intends to use the £1m to fund brewery upgrades, expand beer production, and open an additional four bar/restaurants under its Beer Kitchen brand.

Beer production will be tripled to thirty thousand hectolitres over the next two years at the recently acquired Inveralmond Brewery in Perth, Scotland, which is being renamed the Innis & Gunn Brewery. Seventy percent of the brewer's turnover currently comes from international markets.

A barrel ageing hall will be installed, alongside new filtration technology, which will aid in the development of new flavours.

Four new venues will be added to its burgeoning Beer Kitchen estate, during 2017. The concept sees craft beer served alongside a specially curated menu designed for food and beer pairings. The company currently has two sites, with one in Dundee, and one in St Andrews. A third site is due to open in St Andrews this month.

Each of Innis & Gunn's 57 employees were the first to be given shares in the business.

Dougal Gunn Sharp, founder and master brewer said: 'When we started in 2003, the craft beer scene in the UK was virtually non-existent. Through perseverance, hard work, and outstanding beer, we have been able to play a key role in spearheading the growth of the movement in the UK and in turn build a successful international business selling our beers in over 20 markets.

'We have remained steadfast in our mission to expand the possibilities of what beer can be by pioneering innovative methods of imparting flavour.

'Consumer tastes are changing. Beer drinkers are becoming more discerning about what they drink, and insipid mass produced beers are losing favour with a broad base of consumers who are looking for more diverse and unique flavours. Despite this, craft beer still accounts for a small fraction of the beer consumed annually. This means we have substantial opportunities for growth.

'With AdventureCapital, we are building a community of like-minded, passionate beer lovers who care deeply about quality, innovation, flavour and integrity. We can’t wait to begin the next chapter of our journey with them.'

The campaign has already raised nearly £290,000, with 28 days before it closes.

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