Insect snacks launch in the UK

Gaëlle Laforest

15 April 2016

What’s that crunch, you ask? Just our beer snack for the night – a handful of crispy crickets seasoned just like a Margherita pizza.

Turns out crickets are really rather good. And so are grasshoppers and mealworms, too, at least when they’ve got the Jimini’s treatment to give them a little spice and flavour. The brand is French (snails, worms, one would wonder what’s next), with the insects ‘raised’ in the Netherlands before seasoning near Paris.

Our advice? Eat the first one with your eyes closed. You’ll realise it tastes delicious. Especially the pepper and dried tomato-flavoured grasshoppers. We were also quite fond of the meal worms (words we didn't think we'd ever type). The garlic and herbs ones were more crunchy than anything else, while the imperial soy flavour had a little umami kick.

It'll maybe take a little convincing to get your customers into insect beer snacks, but they're an experience, and they're also packed-full with proteins and vitamins which makes them a whole lot better for you than, say, salt and vinegar peanuts...

£6.95/pack, Jimini’s, 07575 945 223

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