Jacek Limberger wins the Great Imbibe Live Carve-Off

Gaëlle Laforest

06 July 2015

Jacek Limberger creates his highball serve for the competition
Jacek Limberger creates his highball serve for the competition

Jacek Limberger, of the Old Bengal Bar, was last week crowned winner of the Great Imbibe Live Carve-Off, organised in association with Suntory.

Lubomir Miščscik of Galvin at Windows Bar came second, and third place went to Oscar Mena of Scarfes Bar at the Rosewood London.

Competitors were judged both on the speed and technique of their carving, and each had to create an ice ball and a highball serve.

Suntory’s brand ambassador Zoran Peric, who judged the competition, said: 'The overall standard of the competition was incredibly high, as most competitors were very experienced, having been ice carving for several years. Jacek Limberger’s performance was excellent, both in terms of technique and consistency, for both the highball and ice ball sculptures.'

The winner took home a complete professional ice carving set.

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