Jack Daniel's launches rye variant into the UK

04 December 2017

We speculated about it in 2014, wondering if Jack Daniel's would ever launch its rye variant across the Pond. Well it's finally happened, with the Tennessee whiskey company launching a rye whiskey into the UK market.

Described as 'spicy in flavour but sippin' smooth in character' by the guys at Jack Daniel's, the 45% abv, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Rye is made up of 70%, 18%, 12% malted barley and is charcoal mellowed for a distinctively Jack finish.

The whiskey is said to be much drier than Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, with accents of caramel and vanilla, followed by a warm, peppery rye character finish. The aroma is said to be a blend of soft fruit layered with an underlying rye spice and oak.

Jack Daniel's recommends you serve it neat, on the rocks, or of course, mixed in a cocktail.

£45% abv, £32/70cl, Jack Daniel’s


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