Japanese rice beer Komé Biru comes to Imbibe Live



26 June 2019

Komé Biru is a Japanese rice beer with a difference. It's brewed in the UK using high-grade Koshihikari rice, sourced directly from a Japanese farmers' co-operative, to create a refreshing beer with a clean, crisp and dry finish.

Komé Biru is the product of a partnership between Zen-Noh and local brewing company Yeastie Boys to craft this unique beer.  It is brewed using an expert blend of hops, including Hallertau Blanc, which gives this great tasting beer a hint of gooseberries and lemongrass.

Tasting notes and method...

  • A pale beer, yellow-gold, light body, gentle bitterness with a slightly elevated hop flavour and aroma.
  • Brewed with 15% Zen-Noh premium Koshihikari rice - known for its sweet and starchy characteristics (perfect for brewing that trademark Japanese beer with a clean, crisp and dry finish), alongside Pilsen and Vienna malts.
  • A three-step hopping process at start of boil, end of boil and maturation stages using Northern Brewer, Crystal and Hallertau Blanc hops.
  • The Hallertau Blanc has been specifically chosen for its aroma and flavour profile, which is said to be a little bit fruity, with wine-like qualities of gooseberry and grass, similar to that of Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Perfectly complements Japanese/Asian food.

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