No more red wine and fish! K-J leads calls for white wine emoji

Chris Losh

Chris Losh

24 August 2018

It’s important to get food and wine matching right – even when it’s only on your phone. So Imbibe’s readers will surely be reassured by the American winery Kendall-Jackson’s campaign to add a white wine emoji to your phone's symbols.

Currently, wine symbols on offer are limited to a red wine glass and a sparkling wine bottle (added, along with a whisky tumbler and beer tankard, in 2016).

This can lead to the potentially embarrassing situation where, according to their postings, sommeliers appear to be happily washing down top-class fish or lobster with a nice warming glass of Shiraz.

And unsurprisingly the producer of California’s biggest-selling Chardonnay thinks that this needs to change.

'The white wine emoji effort was sparked and driven by loyal Kendall-Jackson fans through our social media channels,' explained Maggie Curry, K-J's director of marketing. 'For years, we have seen our fans digitally raising a glass to their favourite Chardonnay, and find that their only communication tool is the red wine glass.  Helping to make the white wine emoji happens is an opportunity for us to turn and acknowledge our tribe.'

New emojis need to be approved by the Unicode Consortium, the governing body that coordinates and sets global coding standards. Kendall-Jackson’s submission for a white wine emoji has been accepted for review, but the process could take a while, and the winery is keen that wine lovers make some noise around the issue.

Fans of Sancerre, Riesling, Chablis et al who feel short-changed by the current emoji options can download and share the ‘Wanted’ poster from as well as using the #whitewineemoji hashtag.

The hope is that, with a successful campaign, the emoji might be able to join the other drinks symbols as early as spring 2019.

Until then, you'll just have to hope that your social group don't really think that you like to drink Merlot with your mackerel...

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