Kanpai London extends limited-edition saké series with junmai ginjo

Kate Malczewski

Kate Malczewski

23 August 2019

Peckham-based saké brewery Kanpai London has released a new junmai ginjo saké called Miru.

The launch is the latest in Kanpai’s limited-edition series of sakés celebrating different rice varieties, yeast strains and milling rates. Miru has been made from Yamada Nishiki rice, often said to be the best for saké brewing, as well as 901 Japanese saké yeast and a traditional koji.

The first in the series was a junmai daiginjo, released earlier this year. That style is typically prized for its floral elegance, but Kanpai took a ‘nonconformist’ approach and crafted one in a dry, robust style.

Kanpai founders Tom and Lucy Wilson wanted Miru to have a point of difference, as well.  ‘Whilst we love traditional ginjo styles – light and delicate – we wanted to create something just that bit bolder: a premium saké that can stand up to a strong cheese or even be warmed up for the winter to open up its richness,’ explained Tom Wilson.

As such, Miru is rich and fruity, with a gentle acidity, and can be served cold or at 45°C. It is available through Amathus Drinks, which also distributes Kanpai’s core range: a junmai called Sumi, the cloudy nigori Kumo and a hopped sparkling saké, Fizu.

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