Kopparberg launches fruit-flavoured lager

Gaëlle Laforest

29 January 2016

Swedish cider big shot Kopparberg has put apples aside with its new launch, a fruit-flavoured lager.

Kopparberg Fruit Lager is a lemon and lime flavoured beer that's made with barley malt, before a first fermentation for around a week, then maturation with bottom-fermenting yeast at -1°C to 2°C for three weeks. It's then blended with freshly-squeezed lemon and lime juice.

The suggested serve is simply ice cold from the bottle.

Jodie Alliss, senior marketing manager at Kopparberg comments: 'Our research demonstrated that fruit is still a hit with our millennial drinkers, as our fruit ciders remain number one in the category. By launching Fruit Lager, we are extending the drinking occasion for those consumers, via an innovative product that combines subtle premium lager bitterness with Kopparberg’s expertise in fruit refreshment that fans know and love.'

Fruit Lager Lemon & Lime will launch in the on-trade in the spring. At this stage, Kopparberg is only focusing on this flavour, but isn't excluding more innovation in the future.

5% abv, £4/330ml, Kopparberg UK, 028 9066 8901

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