Last Drop Distillers launches rare 1947 Cognac

Claire Dodd

Claire Dodd

03 May 2017

Sazerac-owned luxury spirits bottler, The Last Drop Distillers has released a limited run of a 1947 Hors d’Age Cognac, valued at £3,200 a bottle.

The rare cognac was uncovered by the Last Drop team in the heart of the Charente region of southwestern France, and was created by a family who have been in the business since 1727.

The liquid in question was one of the family’s first productions after the end of World War II. Just 186 bottles are in existence.

Traditionally produced in a copper still, the resulting liquid is described as deep bronze in colour, and having an aroma of 'summer flowers'.

'The complexity of sensations stems from that history,' Tom Jago, The Last Drop Distillers founder, said. 'Distilled in 1947 in a small, ancient copper still, burning wood or charcoal, it’s rich in the imperfections that mark the exceptional from the simply fine Cognac. In the mouth, you will find great complication. First, rich old preserved fruits. Then, a burst of flowers. Finally, the bite of the ancient eau-de-vie – the ‘fire’ that belongs only to Cognac.'

Each bottle of The Last Drop 1947 Hors d’Age Cognac has been hand-bottled, wax sealed and presented in a red leather case with an additional 50ml miniature. The bottling also includes a certificate of authenticity, a leather-bound tasting booklet and a custom-made stopper.

The Last Drop – which has focused mainly on rare bottlings of Scotch whisky – was bought by Sazerac in September last year, for an undisclosed sum.

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