Leffe launches new chalice-style glass

09 August 2016

It seems the glass does maketh the beer, with Belgian abbey beer Leffe launching a new glass in the on-trade.

The new glass, which took 18 months to develop, has been designed with the intention to improve drinkers' overall tasting experience – with a big focus on making the head last longer thanks to a shape supposed to induce a continuous release of bubbles.

The new design focuses heavily on aesthetics, with the glass stem encasing a 3D engraving of the Leffe Abbey, and a long stem to avoid hands getting the beer warm.

The rounder shape and narrower neck have also been designed to concentrate the array of scents and nuances in the beers' aroma, with Jonny Tyson, beer knowledge and education manager, saying: 'The new glass is not only appealing to the eye, but it also enhances the taste experience of Leffe, enabling drinkers to fully appreciate the quality of the beer.'

The redesign forms part of a wider investment programme for Leffe in the UK on-trade, set to launch later this year.

As part of the glass' release, Leffe has created an instructional video, with Tyson showing the on-trade the perfect way to serve the beer.


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