Let's Lunch global campaign launched to support restaurants post-lockdown

Jacopo Mazzeo

Jacopo Mazzeo

17 June 2020

Non-profit initiative Amigo del Dia has launched a world-wide campaign to help restaurants and bars recover from the effects of the pandemic

The new campaign, dubbed Let's Lunch, will take place over an 11-day period, from 20-30 July 2020 during which Amigo del Dia asks restaurants to generate awareness and PR, and reconnect with their communities by offering lunch specials. 

The chosen dates coincide with two key events: the annual Argentinian celebration, 'Día Del Amigo', ie friend's day (20 July), and UN's International Day of Friendship (30 July).

Restaurants can get involved by registering at no cost on amigodeldia.org/en/register/. There's no need for participating restaurants to provide their final lunch special menu, just combinations that they may offer as part of their menu. 

To find out more on this global campaign, restaurants and bars can contact hola@amigodeldia.org.

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