Liverpool mezcaleria El Bandito brings citrus-free cocktails to residency at Wahaca

Kate Malczewski

Kate Malczewski

27 September 2018

Wahaca’s Liverpool location will be getting a vibrant new selection of agave serves this October as tequila bar El Bandito begins a three-month residency at the restaurant, with a particular emphasis on sustainability.

Founded by John Ennis and Matt Farrell, El Bandito is an underground drinking den located in Liverpool’s city centre, known for its assortment of tequilas and mezcals. But agave spirits are not the only focus of El Bandito’s residency: the team is using the takeover to highlight sustainable bartending practices, implementing a zero-waste policy throughout its time at Wahaca.

For El Bandito, sustainable bartending is more than shunning single-use plastic and plastic straws, composting and recycling (though these are all essential elements of its sustainability strategy). The team’s environmentally conscious practices take the form of experimentation and the careful selection of ingredients, too.

‘The major thing we are doing is having no citrus in the bar,’ explained Ennis. ‘Last year myself, [business partner] Nick Thomas and the guys from Crucible engineered a fantastic substitute for citrus. Using a blend of various acids, sugars and essential oils we have produced a product that stands up against the freshest of citrus and doesn’t deteriorate with temperature or age.’

Using this substitute, El Bandito has developed a range of cocktails specifically for the Wahaca takeover. The menu will include drinks such as the Pre-Aged Mezcal Negroni, as well as a number of fruit-infused Margaritas.

But if you're a true agave geek, look no further than El Bandito’s bottle collection.

‘In terms of mezcal with El Bandito being a certified mezcaleria, we will have an extensive range from Del Maguey,’ said Ennis. ‘Tequila-wise, we will have a fair few that are usually unavailable in the UK: Siembra Azul, Terralta and Partida, to name a few.

‘We will also have some that have been available in the past but have discontinued supply to the UK, like Chamucos or Chinaco.’

El Bandito’s citrus-free sustainable cocktails, tequilas and mezcals will be on offer at Wahaca Liverpool from 4 October.


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