Lockdown lowdown: The latest and greatest drinks activities to keep you entertained through lockdown

Millie Milliken

Millie Milliken

01 May 2020

From the world’s biggest cider tasting, to whisky apps and puzzles, here are some of the latest activities to keep you entertained during covid-19

Take part in the World’s Biggest Cider Tasting

Gabe Cook, aka The Ciderologist, will be hosting the tasting on his Instagram channel (@ciderologist) on 2 May and is inviting cider makers and drinkers around the world to join him – makers from Australia, Japan, the USA and more have already signed up to chat live on screen.

Viewers are encouraged to bring a glass of their favourite cider, tell him what they’re drinking and where in the world they are before guiding viewers in a collective ‘cheers’.

Tune in at 8pm.

Complete a Glengoyne limited-edition puzzle

The whisky company has released a special, limited-edition puzzle to keep people busy during lockdown.

The 500-piece puzzle (said to take at least fours hours to complete) has been designed to help whisky drinkers enjoy a dram in an unhurried, slower pace and features a painting by Scottish artist John Lowrie Morrison called 'Spring Blossoms at Glengoyne Distillery'.

Puzzles cost £10, with £1 of sales going to The Drinks Trust and The Ben charities.

Grab a bottle, order the puzzle and enjoy.

Enjoy weekly free wine training with the Wild Wine School

Debbie Warner, the owner of the crowdfunded wine school, is offering free Zoom training every Friday to keep hospitality workers engaged during lockdown. Every Monday, Warner will send a newsletter with suggested reading and things to do and watch in preparation for the session. 

Experts such as Ben Walgate from Tillingham and David Sanpedro from Bodegas Bhilar have already taken part, and topics have included the likes of organics, biodynamics and natural wine.

Upcoming training sessions will focus on wines for barbecues, Beaujolais, and English Wine Week.

Sign up and get started here.

Brush up on Belgian beers with Jane Peyton

On Tuesday 5 May, beer somm Jane Peyton will be hosting a free tasting of Belgium's beer styles at the Red (On)Lion, the virtual pub created by CAMRA.

The session will cover five different Belgian beers (Mariage Parfait and Kriek, both by Brouwerij Boon; Orval; Duchesse de Bourgogne by Brouwerij Verhaeghe; and Westmalle Dubbel) which represent a range of beer styles and participants are encouraged to order their beers in advance to taste along.

Sign up now and tune in at 6pm.

Take part in The Wine Workshop

The new online wine and food pairing workshop platform sees the likes of Jane Parkinson and Douglas Blyde, leading Planet Friendly Wine (14 May, 8pm) and A Blind Tasting (7 May, 8pm) sessions, respectively.

Classes last 60 minutes, and participants can purchase their accompanying hamper which includes three wines and three complimentary dishes. They'll also receive a unique login code, which gets them access to their workshop.

Sign up and take part now.

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