LoneWolf joins Global Brands with sights set on 'premium on-trade'

17 January 2018

LoneWolf has joined the Global Brands’ pack in a £40m distribution deal which looks set to make it a ‘massive success in the premium-end of the on-trade’.

The distilling arm of BrewDog chose Global Brands because of its nationwide relationship with UK bars, and has lofty ambitions to increase sales by 100,000 cases over the next two years.

‘We created LoneWolf because the world of spirits is in danger of becoming complacent, and consumers deserve better,’ Doug Bairner, managing director of LoneWolf Spirits, said.

‘We distil – actually distil – from scratch on our premises and are creating spirits all the way from grain to glass. Global Brands instantly understood this and our passion for people to be able to enjoy a truly crafted spirit when they go to a bar, restaurant or hotel.’

After courting three distributors, Bairner said Global Brands trumped the rest due to the ‘quality’ of its Franklin & Sons business, the ‘innovative ideas they came forward with in the pitch process and the knowledge and enthusiasm of its people’.

‘Our range of premium tonics, mixers and soft drinks, Franklin & Sons, is sold in some of the UK’s most desirable and popular on-trade venues, whether that’s independent bars or boutique hotels,’ Global Brands founder and chairman, Steve Perez, added: ‘They’re the types of places where people want more from their drink and won’t accept compromise. They’re venues that attract discerning drinkers that will appreciate the quality of LoneWolf spirits.’

Global Brands has recently opened a sales and marketing office in the barfly home of Shoreditch, London.

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