Low alcohol brewer Big Drop expands to meet demand

Claire Dodd

Claire Dodd

31 July 2017

Maidenhead-based low abv brewer, Big Drop Brewing Co, has announced plans to expand brewing capacity, led by strong sales of its 0.5% abv Chocolate Milk Stout.

The beer was launched in November 2016 as a style to suit the winter months. However year-round demand has led the brewer to increase its production tenfold. Other beers in the range include a Citrus Pale Ale.

Big Drop claims to be the UK’s first brewery exclusively dedicated to brewing only beers below 0.5% abv.

'We brought out Chocolate Milk Stout last winter as the first in our range of full-flavoured, 0.5% abv beers and have been thrilled at the response it has received,' founder Rob Fink said.

'Our projections estimated that sales would slow over the warmer months as darker beers such as stouts often tend to defer to lighter brews when the sun comes out and temperatures rise. However, sales of Big Drop stout appear to have defied convention and continued to rise alongside our Citrus Pale Ale, the second beer in our portfolio.'

Fink added that as well as increasing production tenfold, scheduling brews on a more frequent basis, the company had had to rewrite its projections, and relocate its 'nomad operations' under the direction of brewer Johnny Clayton, to two breweries as it has outgrown its current facility at U-Brew.

'We have acted quickly to make sure we meet demand and put measures in place to ensure supply of Chocolate Milk Stout, and our other beers, continues uninterrupted as the brands grow at such an extraordinary rate,' added Fink. 'Big Drop is now entering another phase of its development with excitement building as we prepare to roll out the next stage of our plans.'

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