Martini launches new Asti Ice in time for summer

Jacopo Mazzeo

Jacopo Mazzeo

31 May 2019

Bacardi-owned wine producer Martini seems determined to lead the innovation of the sparkling wine category. After the UK launch of its Rosé Extra Dry sparkler only a couple of months ago, the leading Italian brand has unveiled the new Asti Ice.

The sparkler is a twist on the original Asti Martini and it's specifically designed to be served on the rocks. According to the Piedmont-based wine house, the nose is bursting with fruit aromas of pineapple, grape, melon and peach, all resulting from the use of 100% Moscato Bianco grapes.

A longer fermentation results in a little more alcohol (8% abv as opposed to the original 5% abv) and a little less sweetness. The brand says that this gives Asti Ice a delightful balance and crispness on the palate, which makes the new label an ideal drink for the summer months.

‘[The original] Martini Asti… is often associated with winter get-togethers such as Christmas and New Year,’ commented Marco Mazzini, global director of Martini Sparkling Wines at Bacardi.

‘[With the new Asti Ice] the winemakers at Martini wanted to open up the category, giving consumers the opportunity to enjoy a delightful summer treat during informal occasions with friends and family.’

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