Maxxium UK launches spirits growth strategy 'A Winning Mixx'

Gaëlle Laforest

22 June 2016

Spirits distributor Maxxium UK launched its new vision for the spirits category last night, with a sales growth strategy organised under the label 'A Winning Mixx'.

Following up a year-long research process surveying over 7,000 adults, both spirits drinkers and not, Maxxium identified a sales growth opportunity worth £942m it says is achievable by 2020. That's an increase of 10% for the category, which is currently worth £9.3bn.

Maxxium said this is achievable thanks to 'growth drivers': discovery (recruiting non-spirits drinkers), adventure (encouraging confident drinkers to trade up), refreshment ('rightsizing' refreshment occasions), sharing ('rightsizing' sharing occasions), the self-explanatory perfect experience, and positive spirits (educating customers about spirits).

The company also said that current missed opportunities result from barriers to purchase that can be bypassed thanks to solutions it is calling 'growth enablers'. They include things such as making buying easier, addressing different channels' needs specifically, maximising promotions – notably POS ones – and connecting digitally with customers. Maxxium said it will share more information on those 'enablers' within the coming months.

Maxxium UK's managing director Mark Riley said: 'As a major UK spirits distributor, we have the responsibility to invest in and evolve this exciting category. "A Winning Mixx" presents a sustainable sales growth opportunity across the spirits industry, born out of a compilation of unrivalled insight, collaboration and passion. Interest in premium spirits is at an all-time high and we look forward to turning our category vision into reality as we embark on a journey with customers to unlock future spirits growth.'

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