Mexico meets France in new Patrón/Lalique collaboration

16 October 2015

Like other premium spirits brands before them, Patrón has found itself at the door of French crystal maker Lalique when looking for a suitable container for a special liquid.

The tequila in question is an extra añejo, a 'blend of the oldest and rarest Patrón tequilas', at least four years old, aged in both new American and used French oak.

Lalique, for its first collaboration with a tequila, has created a limited edition crystal decanter inspired by the piña of the Weber Blue Agave plant, while still based on the brand's original bottle.

This special edition forms part of a greater platform from the tequila brand entitled 'Art of Patrón', which is 'a unique collection of experiences that reflects artists' uncompromising commitment to their craft', according to the brand.

'Creating such a unique decanter is very challenging and represents countless hours of work due to the finesse of the design,' says Silvio Denz, chairman and CEO of Lalique. 'Our master craftsmen put all of their savoir-faire and passion into producing each bottle.'

But how much is all this extra añejo and savoir-faire worth, you ask? For one of the 500 decanters, packaged in a leather display case, and with a leather-bound book and a video about the collaboration... A cool £4,950.

If you've got £5k burning a hole in your pocket, you can contact Patrón directly to reserve a bottle.

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