Miran Chauhan claims Peller Ice Wine title

Laura Foster

Laura Foster

04 July 2017

Miran Chauhan from the Bon Vivant in Edinburgh has won the first ever Peller Ice Wine competition at Imbibe Live.

Bartenders from across the country were challenged to create a cocktail containing Peller Ice Wine, and five were selected to compete in the final in the Cocktail Lounge.

Chauhan's winning drink combined Peller Vidal Blanc ice wine with gin and manzanilla sherry that had been infused with deer antler, as a nod to the deer that roam the Peller estate. He had chilled all the ingredients to 9 degrees centigrade, the recommended temperature for serving the ice wine alone, so that there was no dilution from ice in his drink.

The manzanilla proved to be the perfect foil to the sweetness of the ice wine, resulting in a savoury/sweet drink with clear notes of pineapple orange and a pleasing peppery spiciness to the finish.

Filter + Fox's Owain Williams also impressed the judges, creating a highball containing Peller Cabernet Franc ice wine with a Concord 8 grape vinegar, which is made 20 miles away from the Peller estate in the Niagara region of Canada, and a lemon balm and black pepper soda.

'This is one of those things that only sinks in after a few days,' said a delighted Chauhan. 'I'm a little bit shocked, but it's rewarding when you put lots of work into it and then it pays off. I don't think it will sink in until I'm on the plane.'

Peller's international sales manager Louise Wilson said: 'I'm absolutely delighted; completely blown away by Chauhan's entry, with its aromas and flavours. I want to drink it all the time! The calibre of the competition was so high. This is the first of hopefully many cocktail competitions that we will run.'

Chauhan wins a trip to the Niagara region of Canada, where he will get to visit the Peller wine estate.

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