Moët in the pink with Galoupet purchase

Chris Losh

Chris Losh

30 May 2019

What would you pay for a Provence rosé? £10? £20? Or €30m – which is what Moët Hennessy is reckoned to have shelled out for Château du Galoupet?

Sounds expensive? Well, not necessarily. The Côtes de Provence chateau has been on the market for a while, with an initial asking price of closer to €60m, so Moët seems to have got something of a bargain.

Located in La Londe-les-Maures, in the Var department, Galoupet has been a cru classé estate since 1955, and unsurprisingly most of what it makes is rosé. Currently the property has 68 hectares of vines (average age 25 years) – planted in a single block round the chateau on chalky/schisty soils. But there are also almost 90 hectares of unplanted land which Moët will doubtless be scrutinising closely.

With Provence rosé one of the hottest wine styles at the moment, a great location looking out over the Hyères islands, and a chateau with a good reputation, further planting would be easy to justify.

So, are the locals jealous of this deep-pocketed new arrival? Apparently not. Or if they are, they’re keeping quiet. Eric Dusfourd, director of the La Londe co-operative described it on the French Vitisphere website as ‘very positive for the wines of our sector’.

Though he might think differently if his members start selling grapes – or vineyards – to the wealthy newcomers.

Currently, Tanners sell the Galoupet 2017 rosé (Genache/Cinsaut/Syrah) at a retail price of £16.50.

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