Monkey Shoulder unveils recreation of the retro Konga Shaker

06 April 2016

Prepare to re-evaluate everything you thought you knew about shaking. Well, most of it... Introducing the Monkey Shoulder Konga Shaker.

This retro-looking piece of cocktail kit is a recreation of a shaker popular in the 1930s, resurrected and improved. It features two rotating handles that you hold to shake, or rather roll, the cocktail. It's big enough to make three or four cocktails, and has a built-in sieve. The Konga's many benefits are enumerated in the video below.

It remains relatively true to its 30s predecessor, but has been given a few modern updates. According to Monkey Shoulder Whisky global brand ambassador Dean Callan, the final product is the result of multiple prototypes.

This isn't the first time this blended malt scotch has created a piece of disruptive barware. In 2014 it turned the world of cocktail stirring on its head with the introduction of the telescopic iSpoon.

Launched globally yesterday, only 250 Konga Shakers have been produced. These are being distributed to 'bars and industry legends', accompanied by some bespoke cocktail recipes.

'Cocktail bars should always be fun, but even they are starting to take themselves a little seriously these days,' said Callan. 'The Konga Shaker is set to change that. It represents all that’s good about cocktail-making – theatre, sociability and great tasting drinks – so it made perfect sense for us to bring it back.'

William Grant & Sons, 01698 843843

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