More than one quarter of UK drinkers cut down this January

Robyn Black

Robyn Black

04 February 2020

And three in four of them intend to continue to do so long term, according to new research from Drinkaware.

The alcohol education charity commissioned YouGov to run the research, which surveyed 2,219 UK adults. The results indicated that 27% of drinkers in the UK reduced or completely stopped drinking in January 2020.

72% of those plan to continue in the long term. Of this group, 59% said they plan to continue to reduce their drinking, whilst 12% said they plan to stop completely.

The research also found there were several techniques people used to cut down on their drinking. Of those planning to cut down long term frequently, methods include avoiding alcohol on a ‘work' night (33%), setting a drinking limit (26%), and avoiding alcohol at home (20%).

The most popular of all, however, was having drink free days, with more than a third (33%) of drinkers planning to cut down using this method.

Drinkaware's chief executive Elaine Hindal said: 'It's good to see such a high proportion of people who reduced or stopped their drinking in January planning to continue to do so in the long term. 

'With a growing number of people cutting down on their drinking or cutting it out completely, operators will need to continue to adapt their drinks offer. With the wide range of high quality no and low alcohol drinks now available, it's never been easier to put together an appealing selection and make sure that people who choose to avoid alcohol don't also avoid the pub.'

The charity is also running a Drink Free Days campaign from now until March across radio and social media channels. The activity is targeted at so-called ‘midlife drinkers’ those between 45 and 64-years-old.

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