Mr Black to release Single Origin Ethiopia coffee liqueur

Millie Milliken

Millie Milliken

21 September 2020

The limited-edition will be available from 1 October (World Coffee Day) and only 100 bottles will be on offer in the UK

As part of its Single Origin series, the coffee liqueur brand, Mr Black, has launched its latest expression using coffee beans from Ethiopia.

The series sees Mr Black produce a range of liqueurs, each celebrating a famous coffee region, which started with Acevedo in Colombia.

Single Origin Ethiopia is said to display flavours of 'candied citrus, blood orange, red fruit... and bergamot', due to east-African coffee being grown at high-altitude, resulting in a product which is 'fruit-forward and high in acid'.

The bottle design is influenced by where the coffee is made, Harfusa Yirgacheffe, known as the 'King of coffees'. The blue-breasted Bee Eater bird at its centre is a bird native to Ethiopia that lives in the coffee-growing vicinity.

Mr Black is working with Project Origin, a charity which supports coffee farms and makes sure that the money goes back into local communities to fund schools and day-care centres, as well as build fences and toilet blocks.

'It’s extremely important that the industry supports coffee farms, which is why we are very proud to offer the UK a new Single Origin that ensures a better standard of living for the farmers in Ethiopia,' said Tom Baker, co-founder of Mr Black. 'By purchasing our coffee through Project Origin, we can ensure that money goes back into the local communities or farms.'

Mr Black Single Origin Ethiopia is said to be best enjoyed on its own or on the rocks. It also lends itself to cocktails such as a Cold Brew Old Fashioned.

25% abv, RRP £35.99/700ml, Mr Black,

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