New apéritif Pampelle to launch in UK

16 January 2018

With the warmer months (slowly) approaching, it's about time we were hit with the launch of an apéritif, and a French one for that matter. 

Made using a base of bittersweet Corsican red grapefruit, Pampelle is the latest addition from Think Brands, designed to be used in cocktails, a French twist on a Negroni, or a simple spritz.

Bringing the Med to Blighty, the striking grapefruit is then brought to Cognac, before being blended with distilled botanicals from all over the world, including yuzu from Japan, cedrat from France and Haitian bitter orange. The botanicals and grapefruit batches are then blended with cinchona tree bark quinine, gentian bitters and grape eau-de-vie, before being pressed and reduced.

We're particularly loving the bottle, which is guaranteed to spark some interest on your backbar. A pale blue and white design highlights the ruby red liquid, all stamped with the seal of a Damselfly – a protected native species in south west France.

15% abv, £20/70cl, Mangrove UK, 020 3409 6565

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