New brand Larkfire launches canned water 'to enhance flavour of whisky'

Jacopo Mazzeo

Jacopo Mazzeo

10 June 2019

If you’re serious about single malt, chances are that you like to add a drop or two of water to enhance the concentration of the whisky’s aromatic and flavour compounds.

But, according to James McIntosh, co-founder of the new brand Larkfire, most water has the potential to interfere with the whisky's taste due to its excessive mineral or chlorine content. This is what motivated him to release a canned water specifically designed to support the complexities of whisky.

The water in Larkfire's cans is sourced from the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. ‘We learnt that the Isle of Lewis is made up of some of the oldest rock in the world, Lewisian gneiss, and that this rock is metamorphic and non-soluble, meaning the water there is pure, soft and really low in mineral content,’ said McIntosh.

McIntosh explained that it is the water's purity and lack of mineral content that enables it to enhance a whisky's flavours and aromas: ‘Whisky drinkers might pay £20, £30 or even more for a single glass of scotch in a bar, and then they’re adding chlorine-heavy tap water to a wonderful drink. It doesn’t make sense,’ McIntosh said.

He highlighted that London's water is particularly detrimental to the taste of whisky, considering ‘how many times [it] has been recycled before it reaches a bar or restaurant, and how much chlorine and fluoride is added... there’s no way it should be going anywhere near a good whisky'.

‘Mixing this water with whisky creates a natural chemistry – the water complements the whisky unlocking its hidden complexities and creating a drink that is more enjoyable and has greater depth.’

RRP £3.99/4x15cl, Larkfire (available from September 2019)

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