Beer launches: New brews for winter

Jacopo Mazzeo

Jacopo Mazzeo

05 November 2018

Seasonal, limited-edition, exclusive, brand-new: these are the latest beers to arrive with the winter winds

Camden Town Brewery, Home Brew Lager

North London craft brewer Camden Town has created a beer exclusively for London pizza restaurant chain Homeslice. The brewery will revisit the recipe regularly in order for the beer to pair with Homeslice’s rotating seasonal menu. Homebrew Lager’s light sweetness matches the that of the pizzas’ tomato sauce, while the malt character complements the breadiness of the dough and the crisp finish is designed to cleanse the palate from the fattiness of the cheese. Home Brew Lager will be available at all Homeslice restaurants and Supper London from 19 November.

POA/33cl; Camden Town Brewery,


Five Points Brewery, Jupa

Five Points Brewery has made the first addition to its permanent range in two years with Jupa, a sessionable, highly hopped beer that’s full of tropical fruit flavours. As well as US hops for those tropical fruit flavours, the beer is brewed with wheat and oats for a full body. The nose is packed with hop aromas of pineapple and mango, the palate is full and creamy, while the finish offers a mild and gentle bitterness.

5.5%, £34/24x33cl, £90/30l keg; Five Points Brewery,


Innis & Gunn, 15 Barrel-Aged Double IPA

Scottish brewery Innis & Gunn has just released 15, a limited-edition, barrel-aged double IPA to celebrate its 15th birthday. The brewery has been championing barrel ageing since it opened in 2003, and the new beer is designed to celebrate this maturation technique. The base beer is a 7.4% abv double IPA with intense zesty flavours from a blend of five hops: Hercules, Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe and Loral. The maturation in 15yo whisky barrels from the highlands of Scotland confers additional complexity by adding aromas of vanilla, honey and marmalade.

7.4%, POA/33cl; Innis & Gunn,


Lowlander Brewery, Winter White IPA

Winter White IPA is Dutch brewery Lowlander’s latest seasonal beer. Against all odds, it’s light in colour and, for Dutch standards, low in abv (5%). The ‘winteriness’ comes from the use of spruce needles and juniper berries, which add comforting notes of resinous pine to the IPA’s wheat and hop aromas. The base beer is a classic witbier, which is traditionally brewed with a blend of malted barley and unmalted wheat and spices, often coriander and bitter orange zest.

5%, £1.55/33cl bottle; Lowlander Brewery,


Hawkes, Elephants on Ice

Just in time for winter, Hawkes has introduced Elephants on Ice, a seasonal release designed to be enjoyed either mulled or cold. Named after the 1814 London Frost Fair, when – allegedly – an elephant walked across the frozen Thames to prove the ice’s strength, the cider pours deep amber, with warming notes of sweet winter spices such as cinnamon and cloves. On the palate it is sweet and the mouthfeel is pleasantly smooth.

4%, £18/6x50cl bottle; Hawkes Brewery,


Robinsons Brewery

Stockport-based Robinsons Brewery is celebrating its 180th anniversary by adding three beers to its portfolio and rebranding its flagship Unicorn ale. The three additions are a pale ale, an IPA and a stout. Mash Out is a 4.5% light golden ale that’s packed with hop flavours. More hop goes into Hopnik, a 4.7% IPA with an aroma strongly influenced by a blend of Citra and Centennial. Kettlehead Choc Stout is also relatively low in alcohol (4.5%), but with a totally different flavour profile, showing roasted aromas of dark chocolate and coffee.

POA/50cl, Robinsons Brewery,

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