New brews: three pale ales hit UK bars

Jane Ryan

14 May 2018

It’s been a week of variety for UK beer launches with new brews hitting the market from Leeds, Amsterdam and Cornwall by way of New Zealand. Here are three not to miss:

Joshua Tetley & Son launches Tetley’s No.3 pale ale

Inspired by the original 1868 recipe for pale ale and selected from Tetley’s 200-year-old beer archive, this beer has been brewed by the team at Leeds Brewery in partnership with Tetley’s brew masters.

Unusually for a pale ale by modern standards, it exclusively uses English hops – Pilgrim, Brewers Gold and Goldings – and English Pale Ale malt for body and colour. Sitting at 4.2% abv, it is available in cask only.

‘As passionate brewers, when we were approached with the opportunity of attempting to create a beer inspired by a 150-year-old recipe from the Tetley archives in Leeds, it was a challenge that our brew team were delighted to accept,’ Sam Moss, founder of Leeds Brewery said.

‘It’s been an exciting process and we’re thrilled not only with the quality and flavour of the beer, but also with how faithful we’ve managed to remain to the original recipe.’

Braxzz launches the world’s first non-alcoholic porter and session IPA

Braxzz, a craft brewery in The Netherlands, has launched two non-alcoholic craft beers.

The first porter is completely alcohol-free and dark in colour. The first of its kind, it’s being described as having a strong espresso and chocolate flavour, with a faint bitter aftertaste.

Braxzz’s second brew is a session IPA that contains only 0.2% alcohol. The brewery are describing this release as crispy with a full-bodied hop profile, including fresh citrus flavours and exotic floral elements.

‘Our journey started with two simple passions,’ said Mirko Schnitzler of Braxzz, ‘the belief that the non-alcoholic beers on the market today are a huge compromise on taste and that the non-alcoholic category lacks variety for its consumers.

‘We quickly realised that a breakthrough on taste was not going to be possible without true mouthfeel innovations to compensate for the lack of alcohol, which is why we built an experienced team and a strong partner network to run this.’

Sharp’s Brewery launches limited-edition Manu Bay pale ale

Only available in the on-trade until 30 June, Cornwall-based Sharp’s Brewery has released a golden pale ale called Manu Bay after one of the most popular surfing breaks in New Zealand.

Made in collaboration with New Zealand brewery Galbraith’s, Sharp’s head brewer Andrew Madden spent six years in Auckland being inspired by brewer Keith Galbraith. Together they’ve made a beer that has a light malt taste with moderate bitterness and fruit flavours.

‘After spending six years in Auckland, I discovered a love for New Zealand hops and I met some inspirational brewers,’ Andrew Madden said. ‘Manu Bay is the result of combining Sharp’s Brewery’s finest Cornish brewing techniques, with the expertise of the Galbraith’s team.’

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