New Scottish rum range launched by Matugga Distillers

Millie Milliken

Millie Milliken

08 June 2020

The Liv Rum collection from the Livingston micro-distillery includes two white rums, a spiced rum and two flavoured liqueurs

It is said to be inspired by the popularity of craft spirits and locally made produce, and is 'handcrafted from start to finish using natural and seasonal ingredients'.

The core range comprises three rums: Pot Distilled White Rum (42% abv), Navy Strength White Rum (57.5% abv) and Black Spiced Rum (40% abv) which is infused with Scottish heather.

'It’s been a roller coaster of a year for many of us,' said head distiller and co-owner, Paul Rutasikwa. 'Getting our new range to this point, bottled and ready, has been a challenge but we’re proud to be able to unveil our innovative new collection.

'It's a celebration of our love for craft rum, of Scotland’s nature, and the nation’s growing commitment to quality, local producers. Liv Rum is the next step in Matugga Distillers’ story, we wanted to create an accessible range of high quality rums that are of great value and showcase the diversity and flexibility of the spirit.'

The collection also includes two flavoured liqueurs, Raspberry & Hibiscus Rum Liqueur (32% abv) and Honey & Lavender Rum Liqueur which will be avaiable to pre-order ahead of its release in July 2020.

Pot Distilled White Rum, RRP £25.99/500ml; Navy Strength White Rum, RRP £31.99/500ml; Black Spiced Rum, RRP £25.99/500ml; flavoured liqueurs, RRP £23.99/500ml,

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