New website to help on-trade reclaim excise on out-of-date kegs

Robyn Black

Robyn Black

14 May 2020

Budweiser Brewing Group UK&I (BBG) has been working with HMRC to launch the Return Your Beer platform

The UK Government has committed to refunding the duty on any opened kegs that go out of date during the current lockdown. However there hasn’t been a centralised system in place for outlets to do this until now. This is where Return Your Beer comes in, says the brewer.

The system is initially open to BBG customers but other brewers have been invited to join the scheme, which would open it up to more venues.

Business-owners can pre-register their details and provide the relevant keg evidence which would give HMRC the ability to approve duty recovery. ‘After following the correct procedures this would allow customers to create empty kegs for return, proactively manage keg returns safely, and ultimately prepare for re-opening,’ BBG claims.

‘Return Your Beer provides a platform enabling outlets to create their account, record their beer waste and with the correct evidence allow us to support them in claiming their refunds,’ explained James Rowe, director of sales operations.

‘It will also provide safety guidance, proactive advice and relevant updates. We hope that other brewers will join us, unifying behind one single solution at this time of need.'

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