New Zealand wine exports up by 10%

23 August 2016

Sharing similar export success as the UK (albeit on a somewhat different scale), global New Zealand wine exports are reported to be up by 10% in the last year.

The statistics, released in the New Zealand Winegrowers Annual Report, show exports have risen to nearly $1.6bn – marking the 21st consecutive year the industry has experienced export growth.

We're doing our part over here too - the UK accounts for $381.8m of those exports - up by 8%.

The New Zealand wine industry has a target of $2bn in exports by 2020, something the chair of New Zealand Winegrowers, Steven Green, believes the country is well on track for. The improved supply from the 2016 vintage is also expected to lift export volumes, again, by a further 10% in the next 12 months.

'The ongoing progress towards the $2bn goal is founded on our reputation as a wine exporter of the first rank, known for crafting and marketing distinctively New Zealand, high quality, high value wines,' said Green. He went on to say: 'This continued strong performance is testament to underlying market and consumer demand for our wines in key markets.'

Sommelier Wine Awards
There was no stopping New Zealand in this year's Sommelier Wine Awards, as it picked up a grand total of 14 Golds. Five Sauvignon Blancs were included in that Gold list (up from two Golds in 2015), and there were two trophies awarded to the country too.

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