Nightclub owners charged £20,000 for playing music illegally

Claire Dodd

Claire Dodd

01 July 2016

A pair of Burnley nightclub owners have been fined in excess of £20,000 for playing music without a licence.

The settlement with Jason and Rebecca McQuoid, operators of the Vogue Nightclub, Burnley, and the now-closed Vogue Nightclub in Leigh, followed two years of legal action by music licensing company PPL.

Businesses playing music for staff or customers are usually legally required to hold a PPL licence.

Though proceedings were initially launched in 2014, the McQuoids were arrested on 23 May 2016 for failure to appear in court for committal proceedings.

Christine Geissmar, operations director at PPL said: 'There is an intrinsic value that music adds to businesses, and this settlement acknowledges that the creators of the music should be fairly rewarded for this.

'PPL regards legal proceedings as very much a last resort but unfortunately they are sometimes necessary – failure to have the appropriate licence is a serious matter which may, if persistently left unresolved, lead to criminal sanctions being imposed by the courts.

'Those businesses that choose to play recorded music without a licence will face legal action and possibly hefty financial and other consequences as a result.'

Proceedings were dropped following the settlement, which included £7,893.98 for PPL licence fees, and an additional £12,411 to cover PPL’s legal costs.

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