No-abv spirit Fluère launches two expressions to on-trade



14 October 2019

Distilled zero-alcohol brand Fluère has unveiled a pair of new spirits, and has its sights set on the on-trade

As demand for low- and no-alcohol drinks continues to rise, it’s important to have the right tools for the job. Highly versatile non-alcoholic spirit Fluère just became even more invaluable to bartenders with the introduction of two new expressions. 

First up is new Fluère Raspberry Blend, with an attractive pink hue and a flavour profile that’s based on juniper, lime peel, lavender, coriander and, of course, fresh distilled raspberries, which lends it a fresh and slightly sweet aroma – perfect for a pink Fluère & Tonic. Fluère Spiced Cane Dark Roast, meanwhile, is a rich amber colour, and is made from pure cane sugar molasses, giving it notes of dark roasted coffee, cocoa and liquorice, and opening up the no and low category to classics like the Old Fashioned. And it’s just as good served on its own over ice.

These two new additions complement the original Fluère in the range, with its floral blend of botanicals, including Himalayan juniper, Provence lavender and Mediterranean lemon peel. The presence of juniper makes it a familiar flavour profile for mixing in cocktails.

‘Consumers like that profile, along with botanicals like lime, coriander, and lavender,’ explains founder Léon Meijers of Dutch VOC Spirits. ‘It was created from a taste profile perspective, and by coincidence it’s like a non-alcoholic gin. When you use the original Fluère in a Gimlet, for example, you’ll be surprised. It’s a delicious drink, easy to make, and highly profitable for a bar owner.’

It’s this combination of characteristics that has led the team behind Fluère to set their sights on the on-trade, believing that there’s a real opportunity here, not only for the brand, but for bars too, across the industry. ‘I see Fluère working everywhere from high-end hotel cocktail bars all the way to pub groups,’ confirms Meijers, adding: ‘Every self-respecting bartender needs to stock a bottle of Fluère on their back bar – it belongs there.’

It comes the closest to an alcohol experience without the alcohol 

Léon Meijers

The UK is a particular focus for the brand, which since its launch can already be found in 33 markets around the world. ‘We believe that the London bar scene in particular is one of the best all over the globe. There’s real creativity in the scene. And we believe that our target audience is based here – a Millennial who takes care of their body and mind, and wants to be in a kind of flow. They try to live as healthily as possible, need to perform on a daily basis, stay focused, and therefore consume less or no alcohol.’ The brand is indeed promoting not only zero-proof cocktails, but serves with lower alcohol, such as its Fluère Lowgroni, which Meijers reckons takes the classic from about 27% abv to around 11% abv.

Low & No with Fluère 
Fluère collins 
Glass Collins 
Garnish Lemon wedge and maraschino cherry or sprig of mint
Method Build the cocktail in the glass over ice.
60ml Fluère
30ml lemon juice
20ml simple syrup
Lemon wedge
Maraschino cherry or mint
Fluère Lowgroni 
Glass Nick & Nora
Garnish Orange peel
Method Combine ingredients in a mixing glass, add ice and stir until chilled. Strain and garnish with an orange peel. Use local herbs and seasonal fruit as a variation.
30ml Fluère
20ml red vermouth
20ml Campari
Fresh orange peel


True distillate

What really sets Fluère apart is its use of distilled components, resulting in a product that stands out in a fast-growing category. Each of the botanicals is individually distilled using hydrosteam distillation to extract essential oils.
The range is the result of two years of development, and there’s no shortage of expertise behind its production either. Hooghoudt Distillery in the Netherlands has a major part to play in the process, and has history dating back to 1888.
‘We believe it comes the closest to an alcohol experience without the alcohol,’ says Meijers. ‘We’re able to raise the bar and offer a decent range of adult alternatives to those who aren’t drinking.’
As more and more people seek out no- and low-alcohol drinks, having a premium, high-quality option like Fluère is increasingly important, and the brand’s broader range now means you can offer those customers even more choice.

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