Non-alcoholic cocktail contraption to launch at Imbibe Live



26 June 2019

Borrago launch their mechanical cocktail contraption to highlight how non-alcoholic cocktails can have as much theatre and excitement as alcoholic ones.

Borrago, makers of naturally delicious grown up drinks with no alcohol will launch their mechanical cocktail contraption. It will be shown at Imbibe live and guests are welcome to come and try it for themselves.

The Machine

This hand powered machine mixes cocktails with flair and lots of theatre. Based on mechanical components from the 1800’s it has two mixing functions: The large 1 litre spinning mixing jug on top and the automated spoon stirrer on the bottom, allowing two different cocktails to be mixed at the same time. Measuring over two meters on its stand, it is quite an imposing piece of equipment that is a delightful mixture of function and form. It brings a huge dose of theatre to our delicious non-alcoholic drinks.

Borrago’s Founder Tom Tuke-Hastings says:

“We want to show how our Borrago non-alcoholic cocktails are not just delicious, but how they can have as much theatre, care and attention as any alcoholic cocktail.”

“The Borrago mechanical cocktail contraption is great fun, gives a huge sense of theatre and shows how non-alcoholic cocktails don’t just taste delicious, but can give real surprise and delight.”


Borrago launched in Feb 2018 with their #47 Paloma blend. Now available in pubs, top bars, Michelin starred restaurants and stores from Daylesford organic and Harvey Nichols to Majestic Wines, as well as selling directly with free shipping from It is an independent company and Borrago is made and bottled in England.

Borrago is designed to be mixed as the key ingredient in delicious cocktails, rather than drunk straight.

We call it a non-alcoholic spirit because you use it like a quality gin or vodka as a base for delicious cocktails, but it does not try to mimic them. It is built from the ground up to give a drink like no other.

Tasting notes:

Deliciously dry, with sweet floral notes on the nose, a layered and textured middle, with a long clean finish. Cardamom gives the floral yet spicy nose, rosemary gives the backbone of the drink and four other botanicals that we are keeping secret all add their own special twists.

On the palate, it is fairly big and chewy, a drink to be sipped. Full of citrus, spice and pepper, it has a long cool, clean finish.

Borrago is purposefully punchy and we recommend a single 25ml shot to a 200ml bottle of tonic. With this strength, you know straight away that you are getting a drink that stands up for itself in cocktails, one where you can really taste the difference. It is at once familiar yet new and moreish.


We will be showing the Borrago mechanical cocktail contraption in use with The Begroni, our take on the classic Negroni and Breakfast at Cowley, a sprightly twist on the breakfast martini. 

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