North of England vodka to be launched at Imbibe Live



25 June 2019

Introducing Broken Clock Lingering Vodka, inspired by English country gardens in the North of England, slowly infused with botanicals from old Georgian books with the addition of slow ripened apples for a long, lingering finish.

A quintessentially English vodka inspired by the garden – for those who dream of stopping the mechanical flow of time, of breaking the clock, and slipping into the rhythm of nature. We invite you to slow down and take pleasure in its lingering taste.


The perfect accompaniment to long, hazy summer days, Broken Clock Lingering Vodka is an exceedingly English tipple that has been slowly and meticulously crafted in the North of England.

The super premium wheat vodka is made in a traditional copper pot still in Cheshire using botanicals from old Georgian books and recipes (Bergamot and Angelica Root) and slow-ripened apples donated from the tranquil garden at Shandy Hall in North Yorkshire. Broken clock is influenced by 18th-century literature, particularly novelist Laurence Sterne and his timeless novel ‘The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman’.

On the nose, Broken Clock Lingering Vodka offers aromas of dewy grass and red apple along with hints of dried fruits and citrus. Rose petal, bramley apple and baking spices dance on the palate, giving way to a touch of earthiness. The finish is lingering and breezy, with white pepper and a delightful bitter-sweetness. It’s perfect when enjoyed in a refreshing vodka tonic with a slice of apple to garnish, and makes for a charming, elegantly fruit-forward Martini.

When founder Andrew Kuhajewski set out to createthe perfect vodka, he had no idea how significant his choice of bedtime reading would become. ‘The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman’ is a tale in which nothing happens; by the third volume Shandy is still not born. To Andrew’schagrin, the same fate befell the launch of hisvodka; three years and more than 100 recipes later, the project was exactly where it had been on day one.

In the novel, Shandy’s Papa had a habit of winding his timepiece before fulfilling his conjugal duties, until one fateful day, he forgot to do so. That very same night, Tristram Shandy was conceived. Captivated, Andrew visited the author’s home, Shandy Hall, where time seemed to stand still in the house’s tranquil gardens. At the end of this garden is where he came across the bittersweet apples which were the recipe’s missing ingredient – three baskets of apples were donated by The Laurence Sterne Trust.

Andrew, a designer and graduate in fine art, created the luxurious, bespoke glass bottle based on an original 19th century bottle from Hulme (then in in Cheshire), and it features original typefaces and pattern from the same era. The closure is made from pure wood and embellished with an engraved pot metal ring.



Category: Super premium English vodka
Production: Superior wheat slowly infused with botanicals and slow-ripened apples
Alcohol: 40% by volume
Nose: Dewy grass, hints of dried fruits, angelica and citrus.
Taste: Rose petal, bramley apple and baking spices with some earthiness
Finish: Lingering and breezy, with white pepper and a delightful bitter-sweetness
Serving suggestion: Perfect to sip with a lingering finish. The botanicals and apples make it ideal served with tonic, soda or in a spritz with classic English country garden flavours like elderflower or rhubarb


Instagram: @brokenclockvodka

Availability: Master of Malt,, Speciality Drinks, Chalie Richards

Price: £39.95

Broken Clock vodka will be launching at Imbibe Live in London on 1st-2nd July on stand A126

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