Oakham Ales steps into the craft beer market with the release of canned IPAs

Jacopo Mazzeo

Jacopo Mazzeo

18 December 2018

Cambridgeshire-based Oakham Ales is moving away from traditional British styles with the launch of three beers, inspired by heavily hopped American-style brews.

Although the brewer is not new to the use of American hops, its beers have previously only been available in traditional casks and bottles.  The new range of canned beers has been designed specifically to appeal to a different segment of the market, according to the brewer.

Marketing manager Juta Hydzik said that ‘in every way, this is an exciting new era for Oakham’. The three new beers are Best Friend, a 4.2% session IPA; Thrill Seeker, a 4.8% new world pale ale; and Alpha Inception, a higher-strength 6% West Coast IPA.

Best Friend is made with Simcoe and Cascade – ‘two hops that we think work amazing together,’ said Hydzik – and is characterised by intense tropical fruit flavours. The Thrill Seeker is instead made with aromatic hops from New Zealand and Australia, while Alpha Inception plays with five different hop varieties from the West Coast of the US in its recipe.

In order to brew these new styles, Oakham has invested in a new Whirlpool copper, allowing it to use hop pellets ‘to create some explosive, exciting flavours’.

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