Old Mout launches booze-free cider

Jane Ryan

16 April 2018

Booze-free beer has become commonplace in pubs and shops as the demand for no- and low-alcohol drinks continues to skyrocket, but the booming craft cider market hasn’t been keeping up. That’s changing, with the launch of Old Mout’s alcohol-free cider leading the way.

Made in the same way as its other ciders, Old Mout's alcohol-free offering has had it’s alcohol removed at the end of the fermentation process.

With 50% of consumers seeking to moderate their alcohol intake and 15% also suggesting that they would visit pubs more often if there were better non-alcoholic drinks available, Old Mout’s parent company Heineken is looking to bring more boozeless options out.

‘Our quirky kiwi will now be adorning an alcohol-free version which means for the fifty per cent of us who are looking to moderate our alcohol intake, there is a much-loved, expertly crafted alcohol free cider to enjoy,’ said Heineken cider director Emma Sherwood-Smith.

The brand went on to say that due to its higher recommended selling price compared to soft drinks, Old Mout’s new offering is ‘the perfect product to unlock additional category value’.

The launch ties into Heineken’s latest piece of category research, which they unveiled to the trade last week. Calling it ‘The Greenpaper’, the company believes the findings could boost the on trade by £1bn over the next three years and has identified six growth drivers which offer licensees solutions to grow their cider and beer businesses, one of them being ‘live better’.

The variant is available in a Berries & Cherries flavour in 500ml bottles at RRP £1.30.

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